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Breaking the Rules the Wrong Way

I’ve never been able to understand what provokes regular users to jailbreak their iPhones or root their Androids. Why would you put your machine in such jeopardy and void your warranty at the same time? The rates of infection in terms of malware and spyware for such machines is significantly higher than phones that haven’t been compromised. I get the logic that developers and techies have when they root an Android or jailbreak an iPhone. It effectively means more control over your machine. You can make it sing the tunes you want, but then those people know how to keep their devices safe too. A lot of users who are unleashing this hell upon their devices have no idea what they’re doing, and have no real reason to. An iPhone user will tell you that they get to enjoy free apps, and for those users I’d like to know just why they need to use a paid app for free when there’s a plethora of apps available for free which do exactly the same thing? All you need to do is some deep digging to find the apps that can do the same stuff. There isn’t a single app on the Play Store or the App Store that doesn’t have a competing app that can perform more or less the same functions. What inspires users to save a few dollars and ruin their warranties completely? Any guesses folks?

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